Additional combustion air control

Excess air, air measured in addition to the theoretical amount of air, in order to complete combustion in the combustion process is used.

For each burner or grill, depending on the design and type of fuel for the extra air, there is an optimal value.

  Excessive excess air, increases energy loss through the chimney and dropped it, causing incomplete combustion and fuel efficiency is reduced.

Sharif exhaust heat recovery ventilation techniques = world

(Without fuel and electricity)

  Sharif heating system include:

  1 - Heat Recovery System, part of the waste heat (no fee) would be recycled.

2 - Burners: Energy required to provide heat.

3 - Heat a pot, heat the whole process and it is done.

4 - device that contains the entire support system, such as sensors and controllers, control transport emissions (combustion product gases and the growth of livestock feed Vtyvr - plant), safety equipment and other auxiliary systems are.

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