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Hossein Zare born Mhmdabad central district (town Mhmdabad) Persepolis - separator to study civil engineering degree from the Red Crescent first aid volunteers expensive city Marvdasht

Factors that improve the performance of birds Vgyahan (manufacturing) to create equal conditions in the entire nest is Vglkhanh.

Vglkhanh nest temperature fluctuations (in particular the substrate temperature) for Vbvth young birds is considered a severe stress.

This Amrbas after calling me by a birder's Mr. Liaqat Pvrjm first conference day management of breeding broilers Ross in Shiraz (Co hen ancestors Zrbal) April 1383 to complete research Design Babhynh building heating systems can then press the expensive fuel Nbvdkh


Successful design and manufacturing system with warm air (warm air throw) capable of heating air in the same place with the lowest cost producers got cold regions of the province of Kurdistan in Iraq even used Khkylvyyh Grddydm buyers satisfaction. It was a good turn Khvdmvfqyt. (Score 06/06/1390 The Working Group elected Hdfnd Drbhynh fuel subsidies as I was.

With energy costs on economic Vbhran industry and business community became my goal this time is to design a system that has the following advantages:

A - without any power to act

(B) installed in the hall and Shstshvvzd is infectious.

A: The initial price is cheap and simple Vajza’ Iranian-made.

(D) the ability to air pavilions around the cold season with adjustable temperature needed to cover the hall, and even blind spots

(E) processing capabilities as well be cold.

And thanks to Almighty Allah on all the ones that helped me:

Advisory groups working particularly well and came to the doctor inalienable right and Mr. Abbas Pvrjm - Mehran Drbanyan - Reza Maleki - I repeat - Meysam Fyjany - Mohammed Rafi - Alliance Forums - Ghulam Hassan Pvrjm - Seyed Jalal silence - Hossein Zare race - Esmaiel Zare - Habib Nvdry - PhD in veterinary doctor Hassan Zare Zare herb doctor, Mrs. Marzieh - Vgramy's undisputed poultry farmer - deserve Pvrjm - Vtshvyq Vhmrahy Gulf CEO Dear Mr. Red Crescent Red Crescent doctor Ebrahimi Vryys respected public relations Province (Ali single) - Chief Red Crescent Marvdasht Hassan Dehghan his esteemed colleagues - Electrical Department Manager Mr. R. Dehnavi Marvdasht city - our experts handle the management of agricultural mechanization technologies of livestock Fars Affairs (Mr Ali Jamshidi - stable - Mohammad Nkvhy) successful and Design Vajra’vsbt I was invented.

Items used:

1: The agricultural industry (greenhouse Vdamdary - poultry)

2: In the manufacturing industry (Hall and Ka Rgahha)

(Executive scope for applying the invention)

Installation and performance in several ways, but the efficiency is

The temperature difference is greater than the system's efficiency)

On the other hand is very balanced intake air in the winter hall Vdam and poultry plants from frost will prevent the Wannsee

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